Maryland Madness

Look up the word “madness” in the dictionary and you don’t exactly get a smiley face.

1.the state of being mad; insanity
2.senseless folly: It is sheer madness to speak as you do.
3.frenzy; rage.
4.intense excitement or enthusiasm.

I’d like to think the fourth definition of the word sums up the majority of folks during the three-week period known as “March Madness.” Although number one works as well, especially if your bracket busts in the first weekend.

Gary Williams, head coach at the University of Maryland, probably knows a thing or two about the third definition of madness. After falling to Duke on Friday night in the ACC quarterfinals, the Terps knew they weren’t going to make the NCAA Tournament.

Most supporters of the team thought Maryland would land (once again) in the National Invitational Tournament to keep the season going in hopes of making that final four at Madison Square Garden. Around 9:30 last night, the other shoe dropped.

You knew it was going to be bad when the only release Maryland sent out was a brief statement that said the basketball team was off on Sunday.

The Terps weren’t invited to the little dance.  No one asked Maryland to the prom.

Three other ACC teams make the NIT field. Maryland had a better record than one of those clubs. All of this acts as little consolation to a team trying to fight its way back to dominance. In the last seven seasons, Maryland hasn’t made it to the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

Folks will start to question the leadership of the Terps during the off-season and that’s understandable. After all, you can’t fire the players. Williams will take a tremendous amount of heat for not making a postseason field. Not going deep into the NCAA Tournament at a school hell-bent on winning hurts your chance of standing on a sideline.

It doesn’t matter if you won a championship nine years ago. The time is short and the road is long.

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