Last Chance

They might want to blare Donna Summer’s classic disco hit “Last Dance” in Moraga, California.

St. Mary’s, a team firmly on the bubble after its loss to Gonzaga on Monday night in the West Coast Conference championship game, may start a trend for mid-majors.

They want to play another game to stay relevant while the big boys play their conference championships.

The Gaels will take on Weber State, a team still alive (as of Tuesday morning) for an automatic bid in the Big Sky Conference, on Thursday night. St. Mary’s will try to bolster its strength of schedule (SOS) and rating percentage index (RPI). Both are very important to those meeting in an Indianapolis hotel this week.

St. Mary’s doesn’t need the Norman Dale speech from the movie “Hoosiers.” They’ve been to the dance and left with the prettiest girl in school last year. The Gaels knocked off Villanova in the second round and advanced to an improbable date in the sweet 16.

This team expects to make the field.

Most bracketologists (and isn’t that a noble profession) think St. Mary’s will slide into the field on Sunday night and I hope they are right. But I’ve seen this movie before. Championship Week lasts forever.  Teams that lose on Sunday or Monday fade from memory. The committee absolutely puts more weight on the final games teams play.

They will release 68 names of colleges or universities on Sunday night.

So, let’s dance.

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