An Unusual Bracket Buster

For one weekend in February, Tiger Woods can still call himself number one.

Woods will begin play in the World Golf Championships-Match Play Championship on Wednesday afternoon as the one-seed in the Sam Snead division. The third-ranked player in the world golf rankings still enters the most exciting and unpredictable golf tournament of the season as the favorite. Can you even name the number one player in the world? (It’s Lee Westwood. He’s yet to win a major.)

Winning the tournament three times in the brief 12 year history of the only match play tournament on the PGA Tour, Woods knows how to get an opponent at dormie. Tiger just needs to put quality rounds together. He hasn’t won a tour event since the 2009 BMW Championship. That’s the longest drought he’s endured on the tour since they gave him a card to play with the pros.

Tiger’s currently tied for 160th on the FedEx Cup points list, a made-for-TV challenge that tries to make golf past the PGA Championship seem enticing. Woods needs to play more events. Not only to improve his position on the points list, but to shake the stigma of his legacy. Everyone loves a good comeback story, as long as the protagonist actually comes back.

Tiger has won 14 PGA Tour majors in his incredible career. He’s the best golfer I’ve seen in person. Still, his game was at a decline before his Thanksgiving weekend episode.

Woods hasn’t put together four quality rounds of golf in a long time. To win the Match Play, Tiger needs six great rounds.

Are you betting against him?

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