Four Days In March

Four days in March.

That’s all it takes to make the NCAA Tournament.

You could have a perfect record in conference play or still search for your first conference win. If you win four games in four days in your conference tournament, the rest of season’s woes evaporate.

Pat Kennedy’s Towson Tigers know this. They must. The team is 0-16 in the Colonial Athletic Association. They have four wins in 26 tries this year. That’s a .153 batting average. Towson hasn’t won a game in 2011 and lingers on the verge of not recording a victory in conference play.

They aren’t on the bubble.

Towson lost a mind-numbing game to UNC-Wilmington on Saturday afternoon at home. The Tigers led by 22 points only to lose in overtime. They play home games in front of the band, cheerleaders, family members and folks who get paid to go to the games. Team spirit doesn’t live in the Towson Center.

Pat Kennedy will coach his final game at home next Saturday afternoon against Drexel. It’s not certain if Kennedy will retire or be forced out of his current position, but there’s no way he can continue at Towson. Even if his team wins the CAA Tournament. Kennedy’s posted a record of 71-140 with the Tigers. His career record hovers around the .500 mark. It’s a long way from the glory days at Florida State.

Outside of the Ivy League, every team gets a second chance in March. That’s the intoxication of college basketball. Towson gets four days in March to pull off the most unbelievable upset I’ve ever seen in sports.

They got a shot.

Can they actually make one before the end of the season?

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