It’s Go Time

“Ain’t rememberin’ wonderful?”

Bad Blake, played perfectly by Jeff Bridges in the movie “Crazy Heart,” delivers those words that seem to ring true for the Atlantic Coast Conference this season in college basketball. ranks the ACC as the fifth strongest conference in college hoops, behind the Mountain West.  That seems sacrilegious to those within the Research Triangle, but it’s true this season.

The ACC stinks.

Half of the conference currently sits at .500. In some conferences that’s parity. In the ACC, it’s parody.

The top two teams in the conference (Duke and North Carolina) will make the NCAA Tournament. I’m not sure the ACC gets a fourth team in the ultimate slow dance. (Didn’t the tournament expand to create more slots for ACC teams?)

Waddling through the regular season lacking any direction toward the postseason tournament, the Maryland Terrapins face an elimination game on Tuesday night in Blacksburg. Yeah, the Terps can still make the tournament with a loss to Virginia Tech. It won’t be easy. Maryland would have to run the table and win a handful of games in the postseason conference tournament.

Maryland took a tough loss on the road in Chestnut Hill on Saturday afternoon. Good teams don’t lose those games. The Terps still have a shot to beat North Carolina on the road, which would give them something they don’t have this season – a signature win.

When the admissions committee to the NCAA Tournament meets in an Indianapolis hotel in a few weeks, you don’t want to have the lack of a signature win on your resume. It’s almost as bad as not taking part in any extra curricular activities when you apply for college.

It’s time to join the debate team, Maryland.


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