Things I Love

Valentine’s Day, known to me as my birthday, falls on a Monday this year.

That’s not exactly ironic, just a coincidence.

Sometimes I come across as an anti-Valentine, so I’ve decided to put together a list of things that I love.

According to my close friends at Merriam-Webster, love can be defined 11 different ways.

Here’s a list of things that I love. I wish you luck that you have made the list.

*I love my family. This isn’t a given for everyone. I have the best parents in the world. (Although that’s probably more of a subjective thing and a vote wasn’t really taken for the rest of the parents in said world.) My mother and father both made tremendous sacrifices to get me where I am writing this blog entry today. I love the fact that I can talk with both of them about anything and everything. I love calling my brother, about 6 states away, on a nightly basis to talk about sports. I love both of my sisters, who live on opposite ends of the country. Oh, and I love Snickers too.

*I love my close friends. You know who you are. These are the go-to people in your life. The people who you can call or text or Facebook message at any moment of the day to talk about anything. I have a very unique and small collection of very close friends that are wonderful. They are life-long friends. Some are co-workers, some are from other lives. They absolutely make me a better person. The legendary sportscaster Dick Schaap once said that he collects people. I always enjoyed that saying. I also think Schaap would have loved Facebook.

*I love sports. Obviously. It doesn’t matter if it’s the seventh game of the World Series or a run-of-the-mill West Coast Conference basketball game. There’s at least one storyline for every event. Someone wants to beat someone else at a higher level of competition that you can only dream about. How can you not love sports? Just for the record, my favorite sports are baseball and golf. Always have been. The best kind of baseball takes place in October and the most exciting golf tournament comes up in a few weeks at the World Match Play Championships. Yeah, I’ll watch all five days.

*I love music. Especially channel one on Sirius. They play five songs. I know the lyrics to all of them. It’s some sort of confidence builder or something to sing along to these tunes every morning.

*I love news. There’s nothing more adrenaline inducing than a breaking news story. You find out that 60 seconds really is a tremendous amount of time. If you don’t enjoy breaking news and work as an accredited member of the media, you are probably too obsessed with how you look than what you say.

*I love social networking. Maybe a little too much. I’ll try to cut down on the Tweets.

There are more things, sure, but I also love that you’ve reached the end of the column. This could go on for another 500 words or so. Here’s hoping you and someone you love have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


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