Blue Never Felt So Good

According to color psychology, blue represents a feeling of calmness.

Psychologists also state that the color blue falls into the peaceful and tranquil area of the rainbow.

These folks haven’t visited Cameron Indoor Stadium on a night where the University of North Carolina visits Duke University.

In the Pantone Color Matching System, the world-renowned authority of color,  Prussian blue (or Duke blue) checks in as number 287. Carolina blue has a registered number of 278.

The Tar Heels are even in a disadvantage with the rainbow.

Duke enters Wednesday’s game with a higher ranking, better conference record and home court advantage. They’ve averaged more points than Carolina this year, given up fewer points than the Tar Heels shaky defense and haven’t lost a home game.

None of that means much when they throw the ball into the air in Durham.

All of the games between Duke and Carolina represent why we love sports. Even in down years, these rivals take their game into the stratosphere. These two schools, separated by just eight miles, could face each other four times this season.

It’s a religious holiday to enjoy a quality, tradition-rich basketball game as the season gears up for another terrific finish.

Throw the damn ball in the air already. I can’t wait.


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