Sing Us A Song

I’ve crooned drunk karaoke to Billy Joel before. It’s not a pretty sight.

Ben Roethlisberger, starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday in the Super Bowl, also enjoys the Piano Man. An aspiring member of the paparazzi filmed Big Ben jamming out to Joel on Tuesday night in the greater Dallas area.

People are outraged by this.

Ben’s made a career of stupid mistakes. He crashed a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. He’s been accused — but not charged (in a criminal sense) — of sexual assault twice. He treated Super Bowl Media Day like a child, waving a flip-cam around at the media.

He’s very good at making very bad decisions.

There’s a bigger question here than a football player enjoying an evening out on the town.

Why are some treating Roethlisberger as a criminal?As Jerry Maguire would say, the only thing Roethlisberger’s guilty of is being one hell of a quarterback.

Some folks are saying that the Steelers superstar should stay up in his hotel room for a week during the Super Bowl festivities. This is illogical. Why shouldn’t Big Ben be allowed to enjoy the party atmosphere of Dallas in a responsible way? Furthermore, why do we all care what professional athletes do in their spare time? He’s a single guy with a sketchy record. Until a person is charged with committing a crime, I don’t care with what gets people through the night.

Neither do most fans.

Many Pittsburgh Steelers fans still marvel over Ben on the football field. And they should. He’s a quarterback on track to land in Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It’s OK for a guy to sing along at a piano bar five nights before he plays one of the biggest games of his life. It’s not OK, under any circumstances, for anyone to violate anyone.

The game before the game needs a shot of good news and not just the same old song.


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