Will Oscar Like This?

It weighs just under nine pounds, goes for a street value of about 500 bucks and makes grown men weep.

‘Tis the season for the release of the nominations for the Academy Awards.

In the wilderness of winter award shows, the Oscars are the biggest show in town. I get the feeling any actor would trade a handful of those clumsy SAG Awards and a Golden Globe or two for an Academy Award. There’s just too much prestige at the Oscars.

It’s the Senior Prom in Hollywood and everyone wants a corsage.

I’ve seen only two of the nominees for Best Picture. One of those will take home the little stature. I don’t think “The Social Network” should give Kevin Spacey his second trip to the podium for Best Picture. (Spacey worked as a producer on “The Social Network” and starred in the amazing “American Beauty” in 1999.)

“The Social Network” tells a good story. The idea a young man had to get back at (or back with, in his mind) a girl was to create a multi-billion dollar empire on the Internet. The money came later. Except for the incredible performance by Justin Timberlake, the acting was flat-footed. Nothing made me want to see this movie again. I felt the same way last year after seeing “Up In The Air,” only I really hated that movie.

“The King’s Speech” and “Winter’s Bone” look like the wise guy picks to sneak into the race late and unfriend “The Social Network” from Oscar. The rest of the pack lingers in the “it was OK” range.

I’m not sure if I like the idea of 10 nominees for Best Picture. (Shouldn’t we have 10 directors up for that category as well?) I’m pretty sure “The Blind Side” and “Inception” placed tenth in the first two experiments of the 10-film field for the most coveted award on the West Coast.

“The Social Network” revolutionizes the way we live our lives. After I’m finished with this blog entry, I’ll post it on Twitter and Facebook. It’s a sign of the times. Everything feels right about picking the movie to win the award for Best Picture.

I’m just not feeling it.




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