Put A Cork In It

I’m not a big believer in absolutes.

Folks should probably know the difference between right and wrong by the time they reach double digits in age.

But I would like to touch on one of my pet peeves.

It’s completely pointless to smell the cork when ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant.

Ask any sommelier.

You don’t learn anything from smelling the cork. It’s a ritual that separates the pretenders from contenders. Frankly, you look like a clown. It’s appropriate to sample the wine – first with your nose and then your mouth – to gather information and flat-out see if you like it.

Baltimore Ravens fans need to stop smelling the cork in the 2011 NFL postseason.

Look at your newsfeed on Facebook  or timeline on Twitter. The choruses of “we should be in the Super Bowl” or “Pittsburgh got lucky” echo with equal parts  misspelling and delusions of Lombardi.

The Ravens lost a stroke-inducing divisional round game at Heinz Field last Saturday. A number of fans in Baltimore still haven’t accepted the fact that their rival will play in Super Bowl 45 in two weeks outside of Dallas.

In the AFC Championship game on Sunday, the New York Jets outscored the Steelers 16-0 in the second half. Too bad Pittsburgh put up 24 in the first half. Both the Steelers and Packers played like a decent wine placed in a box. It served its purpose, but didn’t look quite right.

No one likes sour grapes.

Unless it ages really, really well.


One Response

  1. Well said – Baltimore fans need to stop whining and face reality that the Steelers won fair and square. The win last night might not have been pretty but bottom line the STEELERS won and that is that.

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