It’s Too Late

For a good 20 minutes, I decided to watch a James Taylor and Carole King concert on MPT while doing laundry.

Apparently I’ve turned into a 57-year-old man on Thursday nights.

In between “Fire & Rain” and “Mexico,” King belted out one of her infamous hits.

At the same time in College Park, the University of Maryland lingered in a tapestry of turnovers and missed opportunities. The Terps, losers by 17 at home to a wishy-washy Virginia Tech team, accumulated almost as many turnovers (16) as made field goals (20). I’ve yet to complete my on-line courses in mathematics, but even I can tell you that ratio is dreadful.

Forget for a second that the Terps don’t have any guard play, consistent shooters or general lack of determination. With 13 games left in the regular season, Maryland’s signature win comes against Penn State. That’s not exactly a John Hancock sized signature.

Even if they extended invitations to 96 teams, the Maryland Terps would still not make the NCAA Tournament. Maryland sits at 1-3 in conference play with an overall record of 11-7. As of Jan. 21, they will only face one team that’s ranked in the top 25 for the rest of the regular season.

It’s an uphill battle they can’t win unless they run the table in the conference tournament. That’s one of the wonderful quirks about the NCAA Tournament. Your team could theoretically finish the regular season 0-26, win four games in March and still make the big dance.

At this point in the season a quality team makes its run towards a national championship.

Even Carole King will tell you it’s too late for an at-large bid for the Maryland Terps, even if they really did try to make it.


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