Crashing The Party

Remember when “Crash” won Best Picture at the Academy Awards?

The 2005 movie that featured an ensemble cast and focused on a crazy 36-hour period in Los Angeles upset the heavily favored “Brokeback Mountain,” nabbed the golden statue and shocked many pundits.

It’s kind of like when Randy Edsall put on a bright red Maryland Terps hat Monday afternoon in College Park.

The former coach of the University of Connecticut beat out Mike Leach and a host of other candidates to win the job as the man with the most important headset this side of John Harbaugh in Maryland.

“It’s not every day that you can go do something that you like, 70 miles away from home, at an institution that I think has everything that you need to be successful,” Edsall beamed at the press conference. “For me, it was a dream come true.”

Not everyone feels that way.

Edsall’s career record sits at 74-70. That’s not sexy. He’s finished conference play with a losing record more often than the converse. Edsall’s Huskies were blown out of the water by Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. The last time the Sooners won a BCS game texting was in its infancy.

Edsall promised championships to the College Park community on Monday, which is always a dicey thing to do at the start of a relationship. You don’t give her the ring on the first date.

Terrapin Nation wanted Mike Leach to lead them. They got stuck with a man who comes across as an independent movie, who actually took the Huskies as an independent to the Big East.

Edsall wants to crash the party in the ACC.

He’s not looking for a statue.

A little crystal football will do just fine.


One Response

  1. In the words of Billy Joel: “Edsall is a no-go”.

    It’s hard to sell a fanbase on an “upgrade” from a tenured alumnus to a mediocre coach from a lesser conference.

    Especially when everyone expected the Cadillac under the tree – Mike Leach.

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