Scary Movie

It sucks to fear things during the holidays.

Moments like not making enough cupcakes for the family holiday party, wondering if there’s enough alcohol in the house or if that annoying relative will actually post at Christmas can create an avalanche of nervous moments.

All of these trivial issues pale in comparison to the next two words you will read.

Peyton Manning.

Sorry to wreck the holiday spirit.

The Baltimore Ravens will likely travel to Indianapolis and face the Colts in the AFC Wild Card round of the playoffs. It’s great news if you root for the team located in Indiana. Ravens fans know better. We’ve seen this movie before.

Manning ended the Ravens season in the AFC Divisional round earlier this year at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Colts forced four turnovers in the playoff game and Indianapolis won in a rout, 20-3.

You also might remember the time Manning ripped the pulmonary artery out of Baltimore’s collective body of hope with a 17-15 win in the 2009 regular season. Matt Stover put the hay in the barn that afternoon for the wrong team.

Then there’s the 2008 game when Manning decided to flex his muscle against an absolutely toasted secondary. Indianapolis won in a romp, 31-3.

I could also spotlight the Sunday night massacre when Manning flat-out went off at M&T, leaving the drenched crowd gushing tears as Peyton gashed their defense.

The Ravens are 2-8 against Manning, with an 0-2 record in the postseason. This does not build confidence. Even though Peyton Manning doesn’t have his usual complement of wide receivers and tight ends to terrorize the Baltimore defense, the Indianapolis Colts have an incredible amount of momentum on their side.

They have Peyton Manning. Baltimore doesn’t.

The NFL sets the match-ups for the postseason on Sunday night. Any chance they can shoot a different ending to this film?


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  1. Yes, this year Santa Flacco will drop something down Indy’s chimney — a defeat! Go Joe! Go Ravens!

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