A Christmas Miracle?

The worst team in football plays one of the best on Thursday night and the Ravens need the 2-12 Carolina Panthers to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Heinz Field to have an excellent chance at the AFC North title.

Let’s just say that I have a better chance sipping eggnog with Scarlett Johansson on Christmas Eve.

Still, I’m going to make a case that Carolina can top Pittsburgh on Thursday night.  And even though I currently have three bottles of wine on my desk, I haven’t started drinking them yet. As far as you know.

The Panthers are entering week 16 with a win. They haven’t been able to say that many times this season. In John Fox’s inevitable final year, this Carolina team will not lay down on a national stage. They want to win the game.

Jimmy Clausen enters Heinz Field off one of his best games in his NFL. Clausen finished with an effective 13-19 game against Arizona, passing for only 141 yards and a touchdown. The wonder kid from Notre Dame didn’t throw a pick in the entire 60 minutes of the football game. Talk to any Panthers fan. That’s a huge stat.

Jonathan Stewart rushed for 137 yards and gashed the indifferent Arizona defense on Sunday. Carolina must make this a running game on Sunday or this could get out of hand in a hurry.

Miracles happen in December.

You just have to believe.


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