The Fallout

It looked like someone was punching your best friend in the gut repeatedly and you couldn’t stop it.

Matt Schaub, the quarterback for the Houston Texans, decided to play some ball late last night at Reliant Stadium. On two consecutive drives at the end of the game, the Texans drove the ball 90 yards for a pair of scores and a pair of points to tie the game against the Ravens at 28.

Baltimore countered with a knock-out punch. Josh Wilson’s 12 yard interception return for a touchdown won the game for the Ravens. They didn’t even have to kick the extra point. To quote the late, great Michigan radio announcer Bob Ufer, “Who cares? Who gives a damn?”

The most important result from any game boils down to basics – who won and who lost. Don’t overlook that. Baltimore is a 9-4 team and sits in 5th place in the American Football Conference. They basically have a playoff berth waiting for them.

Still, one may question the coaching staff in the last two games. Why does this team throw the football late in the game? An incomplete pass late in the game against the Steelers helped Pittsburgh in its go-ahead drive and another incompletion almost derailed Baltimore down Houston way.

With less than three minutes to go in a football game, you are no longer playing the opponent. You are playing the game clock. Make the other team exhaust their timeouts. Even a guy who has never put on a helmet understands this.

In the end, results matter most. You don’t want to hear about the blizzard your boyfriend drove through to get you a pair of diamond earrings, you just want the jewelry. The Ravens still have a chance for a Super Bowl run. That certainly has a nice ring to it.



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