Just For Kicks

48 yards.

Not exactly an easy attempt for any kicker, especially in swirling winds.

In a 13-10 game on Sunday night, the Baltimore Ravens elected to go for the win at home. They lost. John Harbaugh decided to attempt a 4th & 2 conversion and Joe Flacco under threw Ed Dickson, who was wide open on the play.  These things happen in close games between good teams.

The indecision on the decision to attempt a game-tying field goal at home looms large for the rest of the season. It’s a textbook “what if” moment that will linger for the next seven days in the minds of Ravens fans. What if Cundiff tied the game? What if the Ravens won the coin toss? What if Cundiff won the game in overtime with a kick?

Billy hit a 24-yarder earlier in the game and is 19-for-22 for the season.

The Steelers should never have had the lead. Why did Joe Flacco attempt a pass when you need to work on the game clock or make the Steelers call their timeouts? His pass attempt, as you know, turned into a fumble and put the dominoes in motion.

Life is a lot like football. Unexpected stuff happens. Carolina can still beat Pittsburgh. The Ravens can still win the AFC North. In all likelihood, Baltimore will travel to either Jacksonville or Kansas City for wild card weekend.

And it all came down to a 48 yard kick that was not made or missed.



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