It’s Steeler Week!

It’s kind of a big deal.

The Baltimore Ravens host the Pittsburgh Steelers in a primetime showdown on Sunday Night Football to determine (almost certainly) the champion of the AFC North.

Both teams enter the game with 8-3 records. Both defenses are in the top eight of the league in total defense.  Unless a spectacular collapse happens on either side, both teams will make the playoffs.

But the game means more than just another hurdle to the postseason run.

It’s Steeler week in Baltimore. The Ravens will hand out 71,000 purple towels to create a “purple out” for the evening. This game means so much more than the rest of the games on the schedule.

It’s the NFL’s answer to a college rivalry game. Both teams want to pummel each other. There’s legitimate hate on the field for 60 minutes between both of these clubs. No pre-game handshakes or fist-pumps are allowed between these rivals.

It’s hate. Pure and simple.

One more statistic to keep in mind: this is the fourth post game show WBAL-TV will produce after a primetime Sunday Night Football game. We’re 3-0 from the field on “Ravens Wrap Up.”  I like the Ravens odds on Sunday night.


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