Carolina On My Mind

It’s quite a race for the Carolina Panthers.

If they can play less than mediocre football, create more turnovers than the opponent and start a guy with the last name St. Pierre every week, there’s an excellent shot the Panthers can achieve what they wanted all season.

The number one pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

This team is awful. They are 1-8. They regularly score 10 or fewer points per game. That’s tough to do in professional football. Carolina’s only win came after a bye week at home against an equally bad San Francisco team.

NFL Films will be hard pressed to make a 30-minute highlight reel of this team.

The two best quarterbacks and running backs on this team are all out for at least one game. The offensive coordinator of the Panthers, a guy named Jeff Davidson, should just enjoy a peppermint shake at Chick-fil-A and not worry about the gameplan.

I mean, does it even matter?

Don’t buy into this “Any Given Sunday” mantra. There’s no way Baltimore loses in Charlotte on Sunday afternoon. They are a potential Super Bowl champion going on the road for their homecoming game. These are the breaks great teams take advantage of on the road.

Heck, even average teams win these games.

It’s all about home playoff games as the postseason push heads toward the homestretch. That’s your reward for clobbering a team playing for a draft pick on the road.


One Response

  1. This brings back memories of Jake Delhomme, who could admittedly be an interception machine but did win some big games and got them to a Super Bowl. He doesn’t look so bad now.

    When you say Carolina….

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