Yes He Cam

The whole thing just looked odd, didn’t it?

A plethora of students, waving orange pom-poms, saluted Cameron Newton hours before kickoff on Saturday afternoon’s spotlight game featuring the Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers.

In the week leading up to the monumental clash between two tradition rich schools, Newton faced allegations that his father used him as bait to milk whatever university out of an exorbitant amount of money for a collegiate athlete. Most division one athletes receive team meals, sneakers, formal attire and the like. Most of them don’t get $100,000 in cash. That’s what Cecil Newton wanted — and probably got.

We don’t know that, though. At least not now. And that’s why Auburn University, in a year unlike any other in the SEC, controls its destiny to the national championship. As long as they keep winning, they will make the BCS Title Game.

Cam Newton acts as the key to unlock a wave of blue and orange in Glendale, Arizona in early January.

He ran for more yards than he passed against the Bulldogs. He scored a pair of touchdowns on the ground and threw for the same amount through the air. He is the best player in college football and absolutely deserves to walk away with more awards than a middle school science fair.

Newton gave me goosebumps on Saturday. Washing away a tidal wave of negative press, Cam smiled all the way to the end zone. He finished the game in typical Newton flair – waving his hands to the crowd and grinning wider than the margin in the SEC West standings.

Auburn’s taking a huge gamble allowing Newton to play for the rest of the season. If these allegations prove true, the Tigers will lose everything¬† and college football fans across the country will be crushed.

I’m a South Carolina Gamecock alum and fan, but I love college football more than my team. If you are a true college football fan, you have been amazed of Cameron Newton’s delightful season. He is an absolute joy to watch every Saturday afternoon with a bottle of soda and a bag of chips.

CBS’s Gary Danielson put it best on the telecast on Saturday afternoon, “Please Cam, don’t break our hearts.”

There’s a peculiar bubble right now inside Auburn, Alabama. As of November 15th, it’s yet to burst. Only two more months and three games to go.

Can Auburn make it to the finish line?



2 Responses

  1. Chris, you KNOW how I feel….unless all the allegations are proven true, the timing is suspicious to say the least. Attempts to derail the Auburn Tigers and Cam’s Hiesman run? No doubt….we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. But Auburn has played some of the most exciting games I’ve ever watched this fall, and I can’t wait to see them play South Carolina again. Should be memorable…both very good teams. Auburn barely squeaked by them last time!

  2. Newton’s season has been amazing. It will be a shame if all the speculation ends up being true. What would really be amazing if he the hammer drops before the BCS title game (assuming Auburn wins out and gets there). What would happne? They couldn’t keep Auburn there as an ineligible team. Even if they did, Newton wouldn’t play and Auburn would get destroyed. Interesting times in college football….

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