Week 7 Fantasy Football Preview: Bye Week Part I

I’m willing to risk Pete Gilbert’s job on the outcome of the Ravens-Bills game on Sunday afternoon.

The Ravens should crush Buffalo on a crisp fall day at M&T Bank. It shouldn’t be close. That’s really all the analysis for the game. One team hasn’t won a game all season and travels to a place where the home team hasn’t lost a game in eons.

Already, the hay is in the barn.

Bye Week: Detroit, Indianapolis, New York Jets, Houston

Start Ray Rice. This guy still only has two touchdowns in six games. That’s not exactly what most fantasy players had in mind when they drafted him first in August. Rule number one in fantasy football: never draft with your heart. (Unless it’s not a money league, and then draft Oil Can Boyd, who cares?) The only downside? The Ravens pull him in the third quarter to get Willis McGahee some carries this week.

Start Brett Favre. Hello, trash points. I have no idea what to expect from these two teams, but I’m fairly sure that this game won’t be close. On that end, Favre will rack up numbers early in the game or be forced into a “must throw” mode later in the fourth quarter. I promise you this: we will more of Brett Favre than we probably want to see.

Start Ryan Torian. Someone has to. To answer your first question, he’s the starting only running back for the Washington Redskins. Torian gashed the overrated Indianapolis defense last week with 100 yards on the ground and a pair of rushing touchdowns.

Sit Mike Wallace. Wallace doesn’t play well against solid defenses and the Miami Dolphins are on the fringe of that classification. Wallace only picked up 24 receiving yards against the Ravens. Yeah, he’s a great receiver, but I expect Big Ben to find more of Heath Miller on Sunday than any wide receiver.

Baseball rant: What a great postseason. As of press time, both LCS’s were heading toward a game six for the first time in more than half a decade. Many baseball fans who don’t have their club left in the hunt still firmly believe that New York and Philadelphia (both down 3-1 in their LCS) will find a way to have a repeat matchup in the World Series. I think Colby Lewis, and not Cliff Lee, give the Rangers their first trip to the Fall Classic. I also believe that San Francisco’s still the best team left in the postseason. Then again, I really just want to enjoy a wonderful weekend of baseball.

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