Rounding Home

It felt like October baseball on Wednesday night.

As the Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants played a roller coaster game four of the National League Championship Series, the frozen moment that captivates sports fans once again rolled in off McCovey Cove.

You could even call it the true first frost of the season.

It’s a game that featured a grand total of zero home runs, two hits that painted the lines (both landed fair – one called fair, one foul), 11 total pitchers, three wild pitches, two hit batsman and 11 runs.

A closer got the win while a starter, in relief, picked up the loss.

Brian Wilson, the Giants talented closer and not even the most famous Brian Wilson in the state where he pitches, still hasn’t allowed an earned run in the postseason. For a time, every out he recorded against the Phillies in the LCS came as a backwards or forwards K. They can’t figure him out.

Every Phillie in the starting lineup (excluding the pitcher) left the game with a base hit and an empty feeling. They need to win three games in a row to go back to the World Series for the third straight season.

And then there’s Juan Uribe. The 31-year-old with more wrinkles than Don Rickles officially went 0-0 at the plate on Wednesday night with the game-winning sacrifice fly. As Chris Rose said on the telecast, “never has an out looked more beautiful.”

You can question Charlie Manuel’s peculiar managing moves with the Phillies, but keep this in mind. Charlie’s got a World Series ring. Do you?

Gametime temperature for game five is listed at 58 degrees in California. Right now, it’s very chilly in Philadelphia.

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One Response

  1. At least the Brian Wilson you speak of doesn’t lie in bed, staring at the ceiling tiles.

    He strikes men out.

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