Week 6 Review: Nailed It!

Before we dive into football, a couple of baseball observations:

1. Yes, it’s the playoffs. You should probably care about this stuff. Even if Texas and San Francisco make the World Series. I dare you, dear reader, to find a better postseason. College football is a mess. The NFL lacks excitement and creates self-serving buzz for the Super Bowl. The NCAA Tournament may act as the perfect template for a postseason, but pales in comparison to baseball. Please leave your thoughts in the comment box and I’ll be more than happy to post them on Friday.

2. Cliff Lee seems to be good at pitching. Especially at Yankee Stadium. As a member of the Philadelphia Phillies, Lee dominated the Yanks in last year’s World Series. On Monday night, he did it again. This time with Texas, Lee struck out 13 Yankees in their home ballpark. New York’s lineup isn’t exactly a junior varsity team. They are good. Like really good.Just not against Cliff Lee.

Reviewing Week 6 In Sunday Football:

I told y’all to start Pittsburgh’s defense.  This was a good call. The Steelers sacked Colt McCoy five times, picked him off twice and recovered a Chansi Stuckey fumble. In other news, Chansi Stuckey still works in the National Football League. LaDainian Tomlinson also came through in the clutch over the weekend. Sure, he only racked up 55 rushing yards, but he did score twice. I also projected a poor day for quarterback Tony Romo. Tossing three score (but two interceptions) in a half-hearted loss to Minnesota, Romo only accounted for a quarterback rating of 98.4. While that’s a normal temperature, I assume that you currently have a fever if you started the once-great Cowboy quarterback.

One last note. Every Sunday night on “Ravens Wrap Up,” we promote this blog. If you are an avid viewer of the show, you will notice that my sweater has changed colors last week. Over the rest of the season, I want you to select what color I will wear on “Ravens Wrap Up.” Leave your thoughts on the comment box.

I’ll see you all on Friday for week seven advice. Until then, enjoy the postseason!

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