Week 5 Picks: Let’s See If I Get One Right

Numerous odds ‘n ends before we get into the selections for week five.

First, a tremendous shout-out to Sharyn and Kevin Dachille, who put on a wonderful wedding for my sister Lauren over the weekend. I think everyone left that event with a treasure trove of wonderful memories. Even though some of us dance like Dee from “It’s Always Sunny.”

Secondly, I hope everyone is excited about the upcoming baseball playoffs as I am. Without a powerhouse in the final eight teams in baseball’s postseason, the door remains wide open for anyone to take home the trophy.  I can’t wait to experience the thrill of an extra inning game with everything on the line.

Dash’s Prediction: Giants Over Rays in 6 games for the World Series Championship.

OK, time to turn around the fantasy football tips. We’ve been kind of awful lately and after a bye week, we look to land in the win column for the first time this season.

Week 5 Byes: Miami, Pittsburgh, Seattle, New England

Start Maurice Jones-Drew. Hey, he didn’t fumble last week! Due for a breakout game last week, Jones-Drew rushed for 105 yards and picked up a rushing and receiving touchdown. Jones-Drew only has 3.9 yards per carry. That’s not great for a first round fantasy football draft pick. Against a Bills defense that reminds me of a bad Big Ten school, expect the guy that some people call Maurice to have a dandy of a Sunday.

Start Phillip Rivers. You betta ask somebodddddddy! Let’s take one of the worst teams in the games and line them up against a quarterback who enjoys tossing the ole pigskin around. The result: gold. Rivers almost threw his arm off in a 27-20 loss to Seattle in week three, tossing 455 for yards. That’s good. Look for Phillip to disect the Oakland Radiers defense the way you took apart a frog in high school.

Sit DeAngelo Williams. Yeah, we’re just trying to get on the board here.  62,54,64 & 86. No, these aren’t my scores on the golf course recently. That’s Williams’ rushing yards per game. It’s awful. Flat out awful. DeAngelo only has one touchdown this season. We’ve played (most of us) four games already.

Sit Matt Schaub. Houston’s quarterback plays host to the New York Football Giants defense on Sunday. Did anybody see what they did against the Bears on Sunday night? Expect more of the same this Sunday.

We’ll review these selections next Tuesday. Let’s hope something clicks. In the meantime, enjoy the baseball playoffs.


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