Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?

When you don’t follow sports for an entire weekend, your world changes. Think of it as one of those AT&T ads, only with less orange.

Here Comes The Bride...

My sister got married at the Oldfield resort in South Carolina over the weekend to one of the nicest gentleman I’ve known in my life.
I, like the rest of the 100 or so on hand at a picture postcard Saturday evening, wish Lauren and JD decades of happiness and success.

I started collecting images over the five days or so on this amazing resort near Hilton Head.

There’s my sister in her wedding gown fist-pumping – her other arm in tow with her life partner. It’s so typical Lauren. Equal parts independent and creative, Lauren knows how to work a room. It’s such a joy to see her so very, very happy.

There’s JD, receiving moral support and physical assistance from my father about 90 minutes before the ceremony. For the record, Kevin Dachille tied every bow tie perfectly in the groom’s party. Except for like three of them. Since no one had any clue how to knock it out, we’ll call it a big win.

There’s Whitney delivering the best speech in the history of toasts. There’s Katie knocking a toast out of the park with spot-on precision. There’s my 96-year-old great-grandmother on the dance floor. There’s my 14-year-old sister performing perfectly as a bridesmaid. Plus, she’s pretty good on the dance floor as well. (Great job spinning, MC!)

There’s the Showstoppers and “Roxanne,” a memorable dinner at Outback with Larry, Bob and Barbara, a terrific airport visit in Savannah and a Katy Perry song on a loop before the big day.

There’s Dana, the wedding planner, looking at her show as the party continues. There’s Kristy, on the dance floor, making a terrific lasting image. There’s Andy and Mike, Nina and Lee – all proud of JD.

And there’s Sharyn and Kevin, my parents, on the top step of the deck taking in the moment near the end of the reception. I can only imagine how proud they were of their daughter.

All of these images may not mean anything to you, but they will last with many folks for the rest of their lives.

Alabama beat Florida on Saturday night.

Who cares? My beautiful sister got married.

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