One For The Road

Ugly. Sloppy. Annoying.

Ray Rice wasn’t a factor and absolutely made fantasy football owners want to destroy their laptops.

The defensive leader in tackles for the Ravens finished with a grand total of six and the most important tackles on the night were made by the quarterback and punter. No joke.

The team fumbled on its very first offensive play and Willis McGahee coughed it up later in the contest.

Who cares?

They won.

The great announcer Mike Emrick has a delightful quote, “they don’t ask how, they ask how many.”

At the end of the night in a stadium that looks like a mall, the Baltimore Ravens finished with 10 and the New York Jets tallied a grand total of nine points.

The Ravens defense absolutely threw around their own version of hard knocks, limiting Mark Sanchez to a quarterback rating of 56.4. Sanchez finished with 10 completions, 74 passing yards and one pounding headache. This offense looks weak, unorganized and quite frankly, leaves the impression of a 5-11 team.

Baltimore benefitted from a mix of timely calls from Walt Anderson’s crew as well as the absolute sparkling debut of wide receiver Anquan Boldin. Quan finished with the quietest 110 receiving yards you’ll ever see in your life. He’s a star and he’s here to win a Lombardi trophy.

In the end, it’s just one game. Everyone has at least 15 to go.

The Ravens and the Steelers currently share the top spot in the AFC North. Buckle up.

This season looks very, very special.


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