In The Air Tonight

At the risk of sounding like a Phil Collins song, you have been waiting for this moment for all of your life.

Or at least the last eight months or so.

As a football fan, kickoff weekend signifies what opening day means to a baseball fan. Expect it means much, much more.

There’s only 16 games in the regular season and every one of those games are the most important ones of the season.

I’m not stacking up baseball against football, it’s impossible to compare those apples and oranges and end up with a winning argument.

My contention is that the intensity of every NFL game surpasses any sporting event.

It’s not a question of what you are doing on Monday night, it’s where you are spending time to watch the Ravens take on the Jets.

Football is king and everyone knows it.

With a short amount of time before a kicker not many of us know sets a football on a tee for an inevitable touchback, the NFL season officially kicks off.

Get your popcorn – and goosebumps – ready.


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