Talking Head

It played out like a really, really long episode of “Baseball Tonight” without a remote control.

Buck Showalter met the press for the first time in Baltimore on Monday and wanted to talk about how the team would compete in the American League East, how it takes leadership to build a winner and how he’s just looking for “25 nuggets to get into the crapshoot that is October.”

I didn’t get much of what Showalter said, and neither did most of the assembled media.

Showalter made a peculiar comparison to the movie “Braveheart” in the middle of the press conference and got so lost in his analogy that he actually asked the reporter about his initial question.

Talk about summing up the Orioles season perfectly. They now have a leader to get lost in the losses.

Showalter knows how to succeed with good teams, bad teams and start-up teams. This team acts as the biggest challenge of his career.

The Orioles have a bigger number in the games back column than the win column. The Yankees and Rays both have twice as many wins as the O’s. In April that’s a novelty. In August, it’s a Kurk-Gem.

You can’t tag the inevitable 100 losses on Showalter for the 2010 season. The baseball equivalent of “Two And A Half Men” added to that foregone conclusion. It’s all about 2011 at Camden Yards.

If they give out victories for ability to talk at length about nothing in particular, Showalter could bring the Orioles a pennant next year.

Let see how it plays out on the field. After all, Buck did say that actions speak louder than words in his 45 minute press conference.


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