Another Saturday Night

Saturday night was the annual joined effort between the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles to promote each other.

Looking around the ballpark 20 minutes before the first pitch and seeing about 50 or so “Reyes” and “Wright” uniforms on hand, I think we all know who is doing the better job. Even head coach John Harbaugh wore an Orioles hat as he delivered the ceremonial first pitch. Since no one locally was at the game, I’ll be kind and say the pitch was low and inside.

Everyone who took the risk on a hot and humid Saturday night to watch a horrific baseball team picked up a free purple hat with the Orioles logo for their troubles. It’ll make for a real nice keepsake for all of our friends from the empire state.

The first pitch was two minutes late. The “Let’s Go Mets” chant was right on time and a minute later Reyes put a smile on all the Mets fans with a 378 feet lead-off homer into the left field box seats.

The ride up to the press box was an unexpected interesting memory. Pitcher Hisanori Takahasi started the game for the New York Mets. About 10 accredited members of the Japanese media clogged up the elevator ride to the lower press box. It looks like the recession hasn’t hit our friends in the Pacific Rim just yet. I can’t imagine any local media covering the NFL’s annual game in London primarily because of the extreme cost. On a Saturday night in Baltimore, about 30 media members traveled from Japan to Oriole Park to follow a pitcher who not many people know exists.

In a game where Ruben Tejada was thrown out by Miguel Tejada, you knew something wacky would happen.

In the middle of the third inning, the Baltimore Ravens Marching Band broke out their rendition of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.” Even our friends from Japan understood and got a kick out of that one.

The weirdest thing I saw all night? A near sold out crowd at Camden Yards. Now that’s crazy.


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