Juan And Done?

Loitering 21 games back of first place in the American League East with more than half a season to go won’t get you on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball.

Heck, I’m sure MASN actually wants to promote their other team more than the Baltimore Orioles these days. At least the Washington Nationals are still in a pennant race.

The O’s switched managers on Friday morning from a tough guy to another tough guy.

Juan Samuel, a baseball lifer, got waived around from third base to the dugout. In the line of short timers as field managers of the Orioles, Samuel seems like the last two skippers. He’s earned his chance and he’s been with the organization for a while.

It’s Sam and Dave with an accent.

No one can turn around the monstrosity of the 2010 Orioles season around at this point. Baltimore prays they lose less than 100 by the end of the regular season — and that’s a huge stretch.

The glaring problem of the organization may not be with the manager at all. Perhaps the club needs an independent counsel investigating how successful Andy MacPhail’s plan looks.

Right now, it’s as promising as a triple crown winner in horse racing.


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  1. Sam and Dave? He must be a real Soul Man.

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