Remembering Yeardley

People like Yeardley Love graduate with honors, win the national championship, marry the sweetheart, enjoy a terrific career and live to see their grandkids.

Yeardley won’t get to do any of these things.

By now you know who Yeardley Love was on the lacrosse field, in the classroom and everywhere in between.

She had a unique name who developed into an amazing person.

I’ve never met Yeardley, but I have had the privilege to speak with people who knew her in the past few days after her murder early Monday morning. The obvious feelings of sorrow and anger accompany death in general, but this was very different. You can hear the tears in the voice of those who knew her when speaking with them on the phone.

In her last game she played as a Cavalier, Love picked up a ground ball and committed a foul. Normally, these are pedestrian statistics that don’t matter in the big picture. Yeardley Love wasn’t all about the box score. A team leader both on and off the field, Love relished her squad. She’s the kind of player that gets excited when someone else scores a goal. How refreshing is that?

Virginia will continue to play in this year’s NCAA Tournament which begins later this month. The 5th ranked Cavaliers now face a dilemma not seen often in sports. How do you replace the heart of your team in the most important stretch of the season?

I’m sure many people feel like they know more about the Virginia lacrosse player more in death than in life.

That’s the biggest tragedy of all.


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