Luck Of The Irish

On the day that everyone pretends to originate from Ireland I’m going to write about, well, the Irish.

When the NCAA Tournament tips off tomorrow afternoon at four regional sites, we’ll find out if the Irish’s luck can hangover from St. Patrick’s Day.

Coming out of the South Region as a 6-seed, Notre Dame becomes the most dangerous team in the tournament that absolutely no one is talking about. After a sensational run in the Big East Championship that ended on a Tory Jackson 3-pointer that fell just short of perfection, the Irish take a healthy six wins in their last seven games into the “Big Dance.”

Notre Dame likes to win games in the 50’s now with a classic “Hooisers” style of how to play the game. They pass the ball five times before taking a shot and always remember they are a part of a team.

Even Luke Harangody, the star player of the club, realizes his new role. Gody comes off the bench now. He doesn’t take silly shots and actually (gasp) passes the basketball once in a while.

The 7th team in college basketball’s best conference could make a huge run in the most important three weeks of these youngsters lives.

Everyone needs a little bit of luck. Can the Irish make it last for three weeks?


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