All Quacked Up

Two weeks really isn’t a long period of time.

Then again, during the almost two week period of Championship Week, time slows down.

We’ll see nets cut, players dancing and the genuine feeling of accomplishment that a conference champion gets in their anticipation of the NCAA Tournament.

On the other side of the bench sits a team that won’t wear a conference champion t-shirt. It’s a team that will spend the rest of the month moping around and not wanting to do anything with the sport they love so dearly.

It’s Ernie Kent and the Oregon Ducks.

Kent will likely coach his final game tonight against Washington State in the opening round of the Pacific-10 Tournament. Right now the Pac-10 looks like your date at a Freshman mixer – extremely average and not very memorable. Oregon, a powerful team in an alleged power conference, enters the game with a 15-15 record overall. Not even the most ardent Duck fan can dream of postseason play.

And it all comes down on Kent.

In his 13 seasons with the Ducks, Kent took his team to the Tournament five times and – for at least a few more hours – is the longest tenured coach in the conference.

“It’ll be important for us to get out on the road,” Kent said on the upcoming tournament, “because I think it’ll be a little bit better for them to kind of drown out the noise, and they’ll come together a little bit more.”

Any coach that needs to pull this stunt knows his time is up and his team, sadly, is just plain awful.

According to multiple media sources, Kent told his kids that his next loss will be his last loss as the head man in Eugene. Teams react one of two ways after hearing this news: they drop dead or the win the whole darned thing.

They’ll tip-off Wednesday night at Staples Center.

Wouldn’t it be something if the Lazarus of the Pac-10 creates another miracle this weekend in Los Angeles?


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