Golden Moment

Don’t tell me that you have had a hard week.

The story that’s unfolding this week in Vancouver has nothing to do with medals and everything to do with mettle.

Joannie Rochette will enter Thursday’s free skate in third place after the ladies’ figure skating short program. She’s a longshot to win the gold medal and would need the skate of her life to even land on the podium this evening in British Columbia.

Rochette’s pressure-packed Tuesday ended around 8:30 PM local time in tears as her countrymen and women gave her a standing ovation. Usually, skaters let their emotions flow openly after such a flawless performance. On Tuesday, it was different.

Her mom just died and she performed the most eloquent eulogy possible.

Skating to a musical selection that begins with the lyrics, “The little parade of endless miseries,” Rochette nailed every jump, controlled each spin and left the crowd speechless.

At the end of her program, she obviously and understandably broke down. And if you didn’t get a tear in your eye, than you just don’t get it.

A 24-year-old woman entered the Vancouver games with a shot to take home a gold medal. She still might get it, but she leaves the Olympic Games with something more important than a piece of gold, silver or bronze.

Imagine paying tribute to a loved one in something that you excel at better than most people in the entire world.

Don’t tell me you’ve have a hard week.


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