Turtle Power

I realize they’ll fall flat on their faces after I write a blog entry that praises the University of Maryland’s men’s basketball team. After all, how often does that happen?

Months after The Washington Post wrote a series of harsh articles on Gary Williams and his program, the Terps are already in the NCAA Tournament and look to play for a high seed in the most beautiful postseason tournament in sport.

Riding a three-game win streak that included two buzzer beaters against Georgia Tech on Saturday (one counted, one did not), Maryland has a legitimate shot to win the Atlantic Coast Conference regular season title.

Absolutely no one saw this coming when the Terps lost to William & Mary in late December. At home. It still kind of stings, doesn’t it?

Maryland’s conference season included wins over Florida State (twice) and Georgia Tech. They still haven’t beat any team in the top 15 and looked horrible a few weeks ago at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Still, they are in the second place in the most important conference in college basketball. They rush into late February with a 9-3 conference record, but can’t crack the top 25.

How good is this team?

It’s a tough and important question to answer. The next three weeks full of pop quizzes and presentations will prepare them for the final exam.

Time to ring the bell.


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  1. The terps sure have made a run this year and it has been a long time since UMD can claim that they are a team to deserve going to the NCAA tourney. But they more than deserve it this year. Is it the magic behind the team that others have claimed they have? Who knows but let’s hope it doesn’t run out–the Terps haven’t had a good run like this in awhile.

    How will they hold up tonight against Clemson? Will they need another last minute miracle shot? As they have been playing, I don’t think it will come down to that. The last time a huge win was played at Comcast Center was last seasons upset against UNC in overtime. But both are different teams now.

    It is going to be interesting to see where the Terps end up after the tourney has begun.

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