Unlucky 13

Strange things happen on Friday the 13th.

I’ve seen movies about it.

When the majority of elite teams tip off Friday night in college hoops, the likelihood of a big upset looms large. (And yes, I’m basing all of this on numerology.)

Washington, the 13th ranked team in the country, plays late in the evening on Friday at home in Spokane. Usually, the top teams schedule a pair of powder puff teams to help them easy back into the grind of conference play that leads up to the NCAA Tournament.

The Huskies went a different way on a day when the odds won’t be in their favor. The Wright State Raiders, a member of the ultra-competitive Horizon League, will invade Bank of America Arena on Friday night and hope to deplete Washington’s savings account.

Starting a fine backcourt of Isiah Thomas and Justin Dentmond, the Huskies are a legitimate threat to make it to Lucas Oil Stadium for the Final Four in April. But they won’t reach that level in the first game of the season.

Wright State is obviously outmatched in this game on Friday night.

Then again, it is Friday the 13th for the number 13 team in the country.


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