Game 6

In a World Series where the only consistent thing remains the time of game (all have been within a two minute window hovering between 3:25-3:27), the anticipation should reach a crescendo on Wednesday night in New York City -unless we have a 7th game for the first time since the Angels beat the Giants in ’02.

When the Phillies outlasted a Yankee team hell-bent on scoring an obscene amount of runs later in the game on Monday night, Philadelphia did more than stay in the chase for the championship.

They have a legitimate shot to win the World Series. Seriously.

Philadelphia will send Pedro Martinez, of all people, to the mound in the big ballpark to face his ultimate nemesis. Martinez will have to last at least six innings to give his club a chance to win the game – and to give his bullpen a rest. Lacking a true closer than can effectively record outs and not give up runs, Philadelphia may want to enlist Kyra Sedgwick before the series moves back to New York. She seems pretty good at her job.

Andy Pettitte will start for the Yankees in a position that can place him in Monument Park. A lifelong winner for the Yankees and Astros, Pettitte still has the stuff to dazzle the jaded fans in the Bronx. Undefeated in the postseason this year, Pettitte could notch the most important victory of the his career on Wednesday, which would bring the Yankees their 28th World Series title.

Experts and observers love to make predictions for sporting events. I consider myself more of the latter than the former, although I have seen every at-bat of this World Series. That being said, I have absolutely no clue what will happen on Wednesday night in “The House That Greed Bought.”

I just know it will take about three hours and twenty-five minutes to play ball. The exact amount of words used in this column.



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