Calling All Angels

Just after 1:00 AM on Sunday morning, Maicer Izturis made the biggest mistake of his life.


Izturis didn’t pick up a DUI, get into a fight he couldn’t win or cheat on a spouse. During a driving rainstorm at the new Yankee Stadium in the second game of the American League Championship Series, Izturis got in trouble.


He made an error.


And it will cost his team a shot at the World Series.


For those of you who couldn’t make it until 1 in the morning, here’s what happened in the 13th inning. Jerry Harriston Jr. (of all people) led off the inning with a pinch-hit single. Brett Gardner bunted Harriston over to second base, which made the Angels intentionally walk Robinson Cano.


On a Melky Cabrera ground ball to second base, Izturis made the worst fielders choice in the history of the postseason. Instead of recording a sure out at first base, Izturis threw it to Erick Aybar who was covering second base.


No out was recorded as Harriston chugged home to give the Yankees a 2-0 series lead.


Moments like this usually cripple a quality ballclub because they mean so much in the grand picture. If Los Angeles somehow ties the series up, they have a shot to win the series at home. Now, they must win at least two games at home to stay in the ALCS.


The first pitch for game three happens in about an hour.


In the city of Angels, fans of L.A. need to unleash the rally monkey.


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