Stay Classy, San Diego

It felt like a playoff game wherever you where on Sunday, didn’t it?


It sure did in the WBAL newsroom.


In between producers gathering information for stories and reporters preparing for their show, you could hear audible moans, groans, cheers and old fashioned hollering.


Sunday was a blood game – a game that decided the best team in football’s finest conference – and the class of the American Football Conference lives in Baltimore.


This means very little after the second week of the season, but then again you have to start somewhere.


While the Chargers coaching staff (and their fans) will second guess Norv Turner’s peculiar call to run Darren Sproles up the middle to gain two yards on a 4th down situation, San Diego can only blame themselves for not taking advantage of red zone opportunities.


The Chargers kicked 4 field goals from inside 30 yards.


Exchange two of those for touchdowns and the home team walks away a winner.


Baltimore needs to fix its secondary issues more than Gov. Mark Sanford needs to attend weekly therapy sessions. The problems of the Ravens defense, and there are many, are fully exposed. You can beat this team through the air.


The trap game for Baltimore is set for this Sunday against Cleveland.


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