Remember back in late June when you were spent the majority of Sunday afternoons flicking around your remote control, trying to find something – anything – to satisfy your weekend sports entertainment?

Well, I have good news.

The NFL is back on Thursday night and we can begin that magical ride all over again to next February.

It’s hard to describe just how exciting the start of the National Football League acts to a great percentage of the population. The majority of sports fans are NFL fans, and everyone becomes a Ravens fan between September – January.

Try going anywhere on Sunday morning in Baltimore and you’ll see lines of grown men in purple smiling on game days. There’s no verbal communication involved. All football fans can’t wait until 1:00 PM on Sunday afternoons. (No one watches the pregame show anymore, right?)

As for my predictions for division winners and the like, I wouldn’t take these selections to the window at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. For whatever it’s worth, here’s how the season breaks down in my mind in 2009:

AFC East Champion – New England Patriots

AFC North Champion – Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC South Champion – Indianapolis Colts

AFC West Champion – San Diego Chargers

NFC East Champion – New York Giants

NFC North Champion – Minnesota Vikings

NFC South Champion – Carolina Panthers

NFC West Champion – Arizona Cardinals

AFC Wild Cards – Baltimore & Buffalo

NFC Wild Cards – Philadelphia & Green Bay

AFC Champion – San Diego Chargers

NFC Champion – Minnesota Vikings

Super Bowl Champion – Minnesota Vikings


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