Just Short

Professional orators get butterflies.


Stock market analysts often invest their money in wrong places.


And Tom Watson can’t make an 8-footer when it counts.


On a Sunday when the world stopped and stared to root on the 59-year-old from Kansas City, Watson once again missed it by that much.


The owner of five Claret Jugs yanked a par putt on the finishing hole of the Open Championship. He finished at 2-under-par and remained in the competition for the title until he made a mess of a four hole playoff against Stewart Cink.


Watson owned the lead for the majority of the tournament and walked around the Scottish seaside with this aura around him as if he knew that destiny would show up for him in the end.


It didn’t. 


Destiny has other plans sometimes.


Tom Watson missed a Tommy Watson special on the 72nd hole to win the golf tournament. The putt to win the championship never had a chance.


Don’t feel sorry for Watson. He’s in the Hall of Fame, claims eight major championships and can still compete with players young enough to be his kids.


Don’t label Cink as a guy who got lucky to collect a major title. In the eyes of many, Stewart Cink lurks as a wiseguy pick in every single major championship. On Sunday, he became the champion golfer of the year.


In less than three months, Watson will show up at Baltimore Country Club to play in the Senior Players Championship.


Let’s hope he can regroup after the disaster at Turnberry.


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  1. Well put!

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