Fantastic Voyage

On an afternoon where more people tuned in to see a South Carolina Governor admit that his trip to Argentina was more for pleasure than business, the United States soccer team continued their trip to South Africa with a workmanlike upset for the ages.


Team USA beat Spain on Wednesday afternoon to advance to the final match of the Confederations Cup.


Even if you don’t give a red card about soccer, pay attention to this result.


If you think the United States has a rich soccer history, then you also really think “Transformers 2” should win the Academy Award for Best Picture or that Jennifer Love Hewitt whispers to ghosts in her free time. In short, they stink. The best result the team has had in the World Cup in 3rd place. That happened in 1930. In America, we don’t usually celebrate bronze medals.


Granted, the win against Spain in South Africa wasn’t the World Cup final. I understand that. But it was something very special.


Spain hadn’t allowed a goal since April 1st. No joke.


Spain’s last loss was in 2006.


Looking as confused as any star of the movie “The Hangover,” Spain’s players looked lost and lethargic. They knew they were beat as hopeless shot after hopeless shot missed the target destination.


When the United States beat the Soviet Union in 1980, they needed to win another game to win the gold medal. This American team must win another game to take home the title.


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