The Heavy Stuff

We are in a rain delay in New York. The best guess is that we could be here for a while.


Tiger Woods struggled off the first tee, nearly hitting a makeshift souvenir tent, and still made his par. Woods wasn’t so lucky on the 5th hole.  Another wayward drive led to Woods chipping it out onto the fairway for his 3rd shot that acted as an approach effort. Hitting it short and to the left, Woods missed the green and plugged it deep into the bunker. Tiger took a double bogey and couldn’t wait to find a clubhouse.


Just before the horn sounded for the delay, the best player in the world nailed a 13-footer for birdie to climb back to +1.


A foursome of unknowns (even to avid golf fans) have the lead at 1-under. Jeff Brehaut, Johan Edfors, Andrew Parr and Ryan Spears can all say they held the lead in the United States Open. So can Jumbo Ozaki. None of these guys end up in the winners circle. Then again, Lee Janzen and his two titles are up for debate.  


Scorecard of the morning (so far): Andres Romero. The young Argentine started birdie-bogey-bogey-par before the rain halted his play. The rub? Romero’s par came on the only par-5 on the back nine. He’s at +1, only a handful of shots away from the foursome in red numbers.


According to the latest report from Farmington, there’s a tremendous amount of wet weather that is approaching the area. It looks like a long, long day at the national championship.


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