Game Notes

We’re 25 minutes before first pitch and there are three things that sticks out from my perch at the Park:


  1. The in-house TV has C-SPAN 2 on. Maybe we’ll see Sen. Arlen Specter take his new seat on the other side of the building. Maybe not.


  1. They are playing “The Hustle” on the in-house sound system. With a wind chill of 37 degrees and a team that can’t save a game, I’m guessing that means to pack up and leave as promptly as possible.


  1. It’s cold. Really, really cold. Remember when it was warm? Not so much any more. Just ask anyone in the press area. They hate change, especially in weather. I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least three columnists write about how cold it was today at the ballpark.


Actual game notes:


*Vladimir Guerrero is not in today’s lineup. Mostly because he’s on the disabled list. Did anyone else know this?


*Chad Moeller hits 7th and will catch today, due to the quick turnaround and to give Gregg Zaun two off days. The O’s end April with a day off tomorrow.


*Every Oriole in today’s limeup has at least one homerun this season. The Angels can’t even say that with half of their lineup. Remember this when LA wins 14-1.


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