Playoff Hockey

On a Friday night in a college campus, most students have two things on their mind: a party with alcohol and an after-party with even more alcohol.


On May 4th, 2000, I can honestly say that I didn’t have a drop of alcohol on Greene Street in Columbia, South Carolina.


I was captivated by the ice sculpture on my standard definition 19” television.


Just after 7:30 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Penguins hosted the Philadelphia Flyers in game four of the Eastern Conference semifinals. The game didn’t end until 2:35 AM on Saturday morning. It’s the third longest hockey game in the history of the NHL and the best game I’ve ever seen.


Lasting a second over 92 minutes of elapsed overtime, the Pens and Flyers put in one of the most incredible defensive efforts in the history of the sport. And that’s the beauty of hockey when there was a red line. The games went on all night. You felt like a true champion was crowned.


After the league eliminated the red line to speed up the game and create more scoring chances, the playoffs lost a little of its luster, and that’s sad.


Then again, maybe I just need more alcohol.  


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