Orioles fans aren’t exactly getting “Wiggy” with it in the away half of the 6th.


On two consecutive sharp shots to 3rd, Ty Wigginton let two grounders go into left field and the net result is a Yankee run. New York now leads 4-2 as the Orioles have already dipped into the bullpen.


Brian Bass doesn’t have the same menacing appearance as, let’s say, Jonathan Papelbon. Loading the bases after a walk to Cody Ransom, Bass made the not top 10 feature on SportsCenter.


It’s hard to even explain what happened. On a comebacker from Brett Gardner, Bass grabbed the ball and airmailed the catcher Moeller. Two runs came in to score and the Yankees look to put away the game in the 6th.


The peculiar inning continued with a looping base hit from Jose Molina that brought in a 7th New York run and a visit from O’s manager Dave Trembley. Incredibly, the O’s manager kept Bass in the game.


Probably for comic relief.


Naturally, the inning that should’ve ended many batters ago ends in a double play.


It’s 7-2 as the crowd starts to leave Oriole Park.


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