1-0 O’s

An inning of good breaks for the Orioles starts with a Felix Pie single. A few pitches later, the left fielder stole second and advanced to third on a clean knock from Moeller. Talk about making up for your less than impressive throw in the top half of the inning.


Brian Roberts takes advantage of a leaky A. J. Burnett by hitting a screamer straight back through center field. Roberts’ hit scores Pie and the O’s took a 1-0 lead.


Burnett left his quality pitches in the dugout when he came out for the 3rd inning. He can’t locate any pitch right now and got a huge break when Adam Jones just missed a 3-run shot to blow the game open.


On the first pitch of Markakis’ at-bat, Roberts stole second without a throw. In reality, he could’ve walked there. Jose Molina isn’t exactly having a great inning. Burnett looked clueless in the Markakis at-bat, missing his spots and walking the O’s right fielder.


And then came Aubrey Huff. Having a 3-1 advantage in the at-bat, Burnett fooled Huff on two straight pitches and got out of the jam.


This just in…according to the out-of-town scoreboard at the Yard, they will postpone tonight’s Oakland/L.A. Angels game after the tragic death of Nick Adenhart.


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