An Open Letter To Those Still In The Office Pool

Friends –


Congrats on picking the obvious!


As we wind down to the regional semifinals, (or “Sweet 16”) I’d like to give a virtual round of applause for people who pick numbers over teams.


Excluding Arizona, there are a grand total of zero shocks and surprises in this year’s NCAA Tournament. Now that I think about it, this reminds me of last year’s NCAA Tournament as well.


Will four number one seeds make their way to Detroit for the national semifinals, er “Final Four?”


The NCAA Selection Committee, led by Mike Slive, did a wonderful job of seeding the teams this year. That’s obvious.


The only thing that missing is the drama. Where’s the magical run by a team like George Mason? Or a great human interest story?


The tournament feels like it hasn’t started yet. Here’s hoping the games in Glendale, Indianapolis, Boston and Memphis become a magical weekend of college basketball.


Because frankly, I’m not feeling it yet.


Then again, I picked Marquette and Arizona State to make the championship game and I’m still bitter. 


One Response

  1. Chris,

    I concur! The selection committee did a great job of seeding. But, they did a terrible job of placing the games!! There is no reason to give the top seeds virtual home games. Everyone should be playing on neutral courts, the seeding takes care of rewarding the top teams, they don’t need the added advantage of playing on what amounts to a virtual home court (Villanova, UNC, Duke, Louisville). As the seeding process gets better, we have fewer upsets…make everyone travel to give the lower seeds an even chance.


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