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In a game that no one wants to win, Virginia Tech leads by 11 at the under 12:00 media timeout. Maybe Miami knows they’d have to play Carolina tomorrow afternoon and they’d rather play at home in the NIT.


Even though Miami has a serious weapon in McClinton, the Canes can’t get anything done inside against the above average Virginia Tech defense. McClinton only has 9 points in as many field goal attempts. He’s not showing up at the right time. He must carry this team in the final 12 minutes or Miami is toast.


Vassallo continues his solid day with 12 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. He also has three fouls, which could come back to hurt the Hokies if it gets tight late. Virginia Tech is currently shooting 50% from the field and holds (what looks like) an insurmountable 11 point lead.


2 Responses

  1. Funnier to watch from the stands: A hockey media time-out (where all the players skate to their respective benches and look like they want to be served a cold one) or a basketball media time-out?

    I think I answered my own question.

  2. I’ll go with hockey.

    They tend to have less teeth.

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