March To The Dance

On Thursday at noon, basketball fans from Chestnut Hill to Coral Gables take a long lunch and watch 20-somethings do something they can’t even dream of accomplishing. That’s the great thing about the ACC Tournament.We all want to be Tyler Hansbrough on the court. (Perhaps we don’t all wish to jump off the side of a house into a swimming pool, but that’s beside the point.) 

We understand the tradition of the baby blue uniforms, the tie-dyed t-shirts, the slapping of the court, Holding the “O” a little too long in the fight song, wearing the most brilliant red jacket you will ever see in your life and the rest of the quirks that make the ACC Tournament the best postseason championship in the country.

It’s not even close.

Check in with me later during the first round for a running blog of this year’s tournament. It’ll start on Thursday at Hokie Hokie Hokie High Noon.


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