On the 9th green at the Baltimore Country Club, Daniel from Worchester, Mass. stands all by himself. He studies the practice groups as they walk up to the green. Even though Daniel acts as part of a group himself (he’s with a bunch of friends), he likes to watch golf by different vantage points.


Standing near the foot of the massive green on the 433 yard monster of a hole, Daniel flaunts his personal trophy.


“This year, I have the guys sign their name in blue. Last year, it was black.”


Accumulating nearly 15 signatures on the front of his hat already this year, Daniel is the leader in the clubhouse with autographs. Daniel likes Ben Crenshaw – a lot – and has spent the last couple of decades at Augusta National, a course that Crenshaw took home more than his fair share of green jackets.


On Tuesday in Timonium, a day with more groundskeepers than spectators, the lucky few who decide to walk the grounds get to talk to the players.


“I kidded around with Gil Morgan this morning,” Daniel says with a smile on his face, “Tuesday’s perfect, no one else is out here.”


He’s right.


Walking the front nine, I counted a grand total of 15 spectators. Here’s hoping the number grows towards the end of the week.


Compared to the course, it’s packed at the range. Tom Watson and Fred Funk draw a crowd of about 20 people. That’s a relative sellout on a quiet day at the BCC.


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  1. Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane, without wings. Great stuff though, keep it up.

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